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Our Team

At VantEdge, we bring over 40 years of direct industry experience and innovative thinking, providing extensive knowledge and understanding of our Client’s business’.

Our commitment to creating solutions that have a positive impact on our clients respective businesses is unmatched. Leveraging our relationships and collective experience enables us to create partnerships that benefit the industries we work in. We are committed to developing solutions that are exceptional in quality and their ability to produce immediate change and results.

Ralph has had a long career in the Energy industry. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1980, Ralph joined Mobil Oil Canada in Calgary. His experience was initially in Finance and Administration, including 3 years in Mobil Canada’s Head Office in Toronto during the early days of Canadian East Coast exploration and development.

After deregulation of Canadian oil and gas prices in the mid-1980’s, Ralph took the opportunity to move into Mobil’s Marketing group. He transitioned through various Marketing activities including natural gas, NGL and crude oil sales and transportation. Prior to departing Mobil he was responsible for sourcing and transporting Canadian crude oil to Mobil Oil’s refinery in Joliet, Illinois, and as such was intimately familiar with refinery operations and economics.

Ralph chose to leave Mobil Oil in 1993 to join ELAN Energy, where, in addition to his sales and transportation activities, he initiated the development and construction of the ECHO Heavy Oil Pipeline system. ELAN was later acquired by Ranger Oil where Ralph assumed Marketing responsibility for the combined organization. With Ranger he gained experience in international Marketing activities in areas including the U.K. North Sea, offshore Angola, and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Ralph recently retired from Baytex Energy where he was instrumental in developing and growing Baytex’s Marketing activities.

Ralph Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Moore serves as President of VantEdge O&G and is responsible for the overall direction of the company. Further to his day to day role managing the company, he is more specifically focused on the logistics division of the company in the early stages. Glenn has spent 15 years on the physical side of the Oil & Gas business primarily focused on the marketing and transportation of the LPG’s, NGL’s, and Crude across the North American markets. Glenn’s experience in the Midstream sector has given him the insight needed to identify areas of friction in the business and the opportunities to focus on.

Glenn Moore


Michelle Stepp serves as Vice President, Compliance and is responsible for overseeing the strategy, development, client management, and execution of compliance based solutions. With over 15 years of experience primarily focused in regulatory compliance, emergency management, governance, policy development, risk management, acquisitions, project execution, and assurance, Michelle provides extensive knowledge and insight to the challenges faced by the industry.  Having held positions in the Public Sector, Industry, and a big-four Management Consulting Firm, Michelle offers rare insight of the various views and practices throughout the industry. Known for providing creative and collaborative approaches to solving complex challenges, Michelle is passionate about increasing compliance in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Michelle Stepp

Vice President

Brett Sieben is a Specialist with the Logistics team at VantEdge and is responsible for the development, implementation, and refining of our logistics platform. Prior to joining VantEdge, Brett played a key role on the Commercial Butane team at Plains Midstream Canada, responsible for strategy, development, and execution of marketing and trading for Plains’ US West Coast assets. In this role, Brett developed critical knowledge and understanding of the full value chain in the Oil & Gas Industry, from producers to refiners. Brett brings a unique perspective to the development and customization of solutions to address the challenges faced by the industry.

Brett Sieben


Trevor is responsible for developing client relationships and implementing software solutions for those clients. As a trusted partner and skilled solution provider, he brings five years’ experience in sales and customer success serving the oil and gas upstream, downstream and primarily the midstream industry. Prior to joining VantEdge O&G which is based in Calgary, Alberta, he played a key role in contributing to the growth of Petrotranz, innovative transportation and logistics software company serving the WCSB.
Trevor excels at working closely with clients to understand their challenges and helping them resolve their unmet needs with the emerging state of the art technology and software solutions. Staying current on all global trends in technology, Trevor is constantly alert and looking for opportunities to simplify and speed up processes through these software applications that can improve the end user experience.

Trevor Jones

Director of Business Development

Vanessa Godziuk serves as a Specialist, Compliance and is responsible for supporting the VP of Compliance in the strategy, development, client management and execution of compliance-based products. Vanessa brings with her over 10 years of experience in the energy sector with a focus on regulatory compliance, emergency management, risk management, electricity market (trading) compliance and electric utility transmission rates. Having worked in the industry at a large midstream company, at a utility company, and at a regulatory agency, Vanessa brings a variety of knowledge to VantEdge O&G.

Vanessa Godziuk


Prior to joining VantEdge, Andre preformed Energy Policy research as a student at the University of Calgary. Andre brings highly focused analytical skills to the team. Andre combines his ability to analyze regulations and legislation with a tech-oriented mind in order to bring a unique kind of expertise to the industry.

Andre Busque

Data Analyst