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Logistics Solutions


The Oil & Gas industry has relied on trucks and railcars as a mode of transportation for products since the early 1900s, and usage of these modes has only increased as the industry grew. While other areas of the industry benefited from rapid technological development and adoption, the transportation side of the industry lagged behind and lacked the same progress that was seen elsewhere. VantEdge O&G is putting the transportation and logistics industries on the proper trajectory to achieve efficient and up to date methods of handling rail and truck hauling. We believe that with proper adoption of the technologies and tools we have to offer, and the ones we will develop in the future, that logistics can become a driver for reduced costs, increased profits, and additional innovation within the Oil & Gas industry.

Introducing WHEELHOUSE

WHEELHOUSE is a logistics platform designed to aid in the scheduling and data management of trucks and railcars in the Oil & Gas Industry.

With respect to rail movements: WHEELHOUSE will offer the ability to schedule railcars, generate & store standardized versions of BOLs, create detailed and transparent shipping plans from facilities, and automatically populate a database of each transaction. Future developments include EDI, Gauge table looks ups, Target loading levels, customs, and much more.

With respect to truck movements: WHEELHOUSE offers the ability to schedule trucks by way of a mobile platform on truckers smartphones and our desktop platform for commercial staff. WHEELHOUSE allows truckers to book a time that works best for them via our web-based platform that gives truckers insight into when a facility has available loading/unloading slots. Future developments include truck ticketing, dynamic pricing for load racks, blocked time frames for core customers, and much more.

Rail Transportation Challenges

Rail logistics is a challenging and time-consuming component to the Oil & Gas Business. With current business processes, any increase in the volume of railcars (in or out) will mean an incremental uptick in manual processes, further straining current resources, generating more errors, and absorbing valuable time.

In our experience, large-volume rail shippers report many of the following:

  • Frequent revisions to the shipping schedule, requiring time-consuming updates to affected parties
  • Large amounts of information incoming and outgoing to be sorted and managed
  • Manual re-keying of information that already exists, introducing opportunity for error
  • Minor errors on Bills of Lading (BOLs)
  • Challenges and delays matching information with counterparties
  • Use of fax or insecure email to transmit essential information
  • Delays sharing BOLs with parties who require them
  • High effort managing and maintaining BOL records

Wheelhouse – VantEdge’s Solution

Our answer to the commonly experienced industry concerns above is the Wheelhouse scheduling platform, which:

  • Allows a shipping schedule to be created and shared with multiple parties specified by the user. The schedule is maintained and updated in real time.
  • Automatically generates a BOL when a railcar is loaded and shipped, and instantly sends the BOL to all parties associated with that railcar.
  • Contains all relevant information for accounting & invoicing, contract management, risk mitigation, etc.
  • Generates a customized database for each company in a contract chain.
  • Supports EDI transmissions to the railroads for billing purposes. EDI capabilities are easily expanded into diversions, customs and many more uses.

Wheelhouse Efficiencies

Standardized BOL / Repository for BOLs

Transparent Shipping Schedules

Full integration and interfacing ability between ETRM systems

Reduction in time required to manage a rail shipment across the life cycle of a BOL.

Increase in time available for scheduling staff to do value added activities.

Reduction in human touch points throughout the life cycle of a BOL.

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