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Logistics Solutions


The Oil & Gas industry has relied on trucks and railcars as a mode of transportation for products since the early 1900’s, and usage of these modes has only increased as the industry grew. While other areas of the industry benefited from rapid technological development and adoption, the transportation side of the industry lagged behind and lacked the same progress that was seen elsewhere. VantEdge O&G is putting the transportation and logistics industries on the proper trajectory to achieve efficient and up to date methods of handling rail and truck hauling. We believe that with proper adoption of the technologies and tools we have to offer, and the ones we will develop in the future, that logistics can become a driver for reduced costs, increased profits, and additional innovation within the Oil & Gas industry.

Introducing BULLSEYE

BULLSEYE is a solution intended to help modernize the way that trucks are scheduled and moved within the Oil & Gas Industry and other peripheral industries. As a web-based platform, BULLSEYE offers truckers the ability to “reserve” time-slots on truck racks for loading and/or offloading at facilities which are linked up to the system. The aim of BULLSEYE is to reduce truck waiting times, increase safety, increase transparency and provide a standardized platform for everyone to use. Industries that BULLSEYE is applicable to right now include: LPG’s, Crude Oil, Oilfield Waste, Sulfurs, Gasoline, Diesel and Petrochemicals. BULLSEYE has been launched and is available to use immediately.


Introducing WHEELHOUSE

WHEELHOUSE is aimed at properly managing data that comes from both the rail and trucking sides of the Oil & Gas Industry. WHEELHOUSE will offer the ability to generate & store standardized versions of BOLs, create detailed shipping plans from facilities, and automatically populate a database which records each transaction done through WHEELHOUSE. Initially only active for rail shipments, WHEELHOUSE will evolve in the future to be inclusive of trucking as well. The intention of WHEELHOUSE is to be a product geared towards increasing efficiency in both the front and back office.

VantEdge Advantage

The team at VantEdge O&G brings over 20 years of commercial Oil & Gas industry experience to the table in developing these solutions. We don’t just build these products, we mould them and shape them to solve very specific problems. VantEdge presents differentiation that isn’t seen in the market right now by way of the following:

Experience & Approach

Leveraging our commercial experience to build the products. We know what the issues are. The products we design are not built to force the problem to fit into our solution, rather, we design our products with a very specific problem in mind and a solution that encompasses all the stakeholders

Global Approach

Large product reach & penetration. The products that we are offering aren’t just a local solution for companies in Alberta, or even within Canada. Our products are intended to work across the entirety of North America, penetrating the entire value chain of the Oil & Gas industry from Upstream Oil Waste all the way to Downstream Refined Products


The future is exciting. At VantEdge, our aim is to never stop developing new products that can help the industry become more connected and more efficient. Our goal is to have upgrades for existing products coming out on a regular basis in addition to new products each year


Integration is a focus. Whether it’s integrating with railroads, government agencies, energy management & automation companies, or even with our other products, we believe that standalone solutions are not conducive to success in the long run

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