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Compliance & Operational Excellence Solution

Introducing CompliShield

VantEdge’s compliance solution allows clients to identify the gap between legal requirements, internal programs and procedures, operational implementation, and assurance activities.

CompliShield allows companies to focus on the operation of their business while having a clear understanding of associated risks and required activities. CompliShield allows our clients to effortlessly stay up-to-date on upcoming requirements and changes that have the potential to affect their operations, both internally and from an industry perspective.

Compliance is not easy

Our industry faces a constantly growing and changing set of regulatory obligations

and the numbers prove it!


Non-Compliance rate of NEB

$65 Billion

Penalities paid by North American and European businesses for non-compliance


Increase in compliance costs over the past 8 years


FTE allocation to compliance activities

12 min

Rate of regulatory updates in North America


Firms expecting regulatory risks to rise next year

CompliShield’s powerful, cost-effective, web-based platform supports organizations to achieve business objectives and goals.

Identify and stay up-to-date on legal and regulatory requirements and commitments applicable to your operations

Seamlessly identify and manage legal requirements applicable to your business

CompliShield’s powerful intelligence platform identifies requirements for your business based on your operations and the jurisdictions you operate in, eliminating hours of research and minimizing oversights

Know what changes are coming and how it will impact your business

Real-time updates on new and changing requirements configured for you and your business eliminates the time and effort required to monitor and identify changes in requirements that have the potential to impact your business by providing real-time updates on changes and detailed record of changes for simple and efficient evaluation and change management

Reduce Audit Fatigue and increase compliance rating

CompliShield provides an auditable history of all events and changes; tracked and logged by user, time, activity and required comments, taking the guessing out of rationale and historical actions for audits and management review

Never miss a reporting or filing deadline again

CompliShield’s calendar incorporates powerful intelligence platform provides recommended entries based on applicable requirements and provides for quick reference to the applicable legislation or regulatory conditions, internal manuals or procedures for filing and automated assignment to the accountable group(s) or personnel.  Never Miss a deadline again!

Scope project requirements, due diligence and integration activities and operational requirements in one place

CompliShield’s enhanced search and filter functionality makes research and due diligence effortless.  Scoping new jurisdictions, assets, or projects? CompliShield can be used as a powerful tool that empowers your business.

Identify and address gaps and overlap in operational management systems and related documentation

Eliminate emailing and duplicate documents and versions

CompliShield’s centralized reference library and drop-down menus eliminates multiple versions, spelling mistakes and other human errors associated with manual data entry and decentralized filing

Effortlessly map your requirements to your programs, assets, controls and accountable roles

Simple and efficient assignment of operational areas, programs, controls and accountabilities at the document level and/or clause level provides time savings and transparency

Evaluate and report on your compliance status in real-time

Real-time reports provide qualifiable data on your compliance status that can be broken down by asset and/or department, allowing quantifiable data for management decision making and reporting

Track and trend regulatory oversight and compliance

CompliShield’s reporting functionality allows you to understand where your largest compliance liabilities and exposures are, providing quantifiable insight for resourcing and budgeting

Employee turn-over and reorganizations have never been so easy

CompliShield’s enhanced and highly-configurable user roles provide ‘subscription’ based functionality allowing assignments by role and/or activity, allowing for seamless management of change during times of change

Reduce overlap and inefficiencies in your management system and controls

Through advanced reporting, CompliShield provides insights into duplication in programs, manuals, procedures, and other internal controls, allowing you to identify and reduce redundant documentation

Coming Soon:

Identify, monitor, assess, and communicate high-risk areas applicable to the business

The risk and assurance module of CompliShield will build on the first two modules and allow for risk-informed planning and execution of assurance and internal audit programs.
The objective of this module is to reduce audit fatigue, reduce audit costs, and support proactive planning and follow-up of audit and assurance activities by:

  1. Allowing for efficient audit planning, both short and long term
  2. Minimizing project management requirements and associated costs
  3. Allowing transparency into areas of non-compliance and risk
  4. Supporting iterative and informed assurance planning

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